Hello my name is Rani.

I have had a love for animals all of my life. I have owned many pets over my lifetime, from hamsters, cats, fish, to bunnies, ducks, chicks and dogs. My true love has always been dogs.I have rescued animals throughout my life.

I am certified in the American Red Cross Pet First Aide.

I worked for Bird Jungle in Scarsdale NY. I learned how to hand feed exotic birds from birth and even potty trained them!

At that time I had owned a parakeet and my first Yorkshire terrier. They were great companions of mine for many years. I have a great respect for animal’s and the gifts they bring to us. I feel their unconditional love is a spiritual gift and lesson for us all to learn.

I am originally from New York but I have now been living in NJ for over 13 years.

Prior to my career change I was a Computer Technician. I am A+ and Network + Certified and have worked in the IT field for over 10 years, prior to that I was in sales for over 15 years.

Rosemarie is my partner who assists with in your home sleep over’s. Rosemarie was born in New Jersey. We both have a mutual love and respect for all animals. Rosemarie and I both meet with you on our initial meet and greet consultation.

We have references from our many clients, which you can be verified upon your request.

We would love to meet your pets so we can care for them when you are not able to be there.

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