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Pet care where you need it most


Rani Portalise owns Care 4 Paws, a pet-sitting service in Parsippany.


Portalise takes a break at home with her three dogs, Ricky, Roxy and Randy.


June 4, 2008     Pet care where you need it most

Business Name: Care 4 Paws LLC

Type of business: In-your-home pet-care service

Owner: Rani Portalise

Office Phone: (973) 599-9674

Email Address: Care4PawsLLC@yahoo.com

Hours of operation: daily and weekend service as contracted

Founded: February, 2008

Why did you start the business?

I have finally reached a point in my life where I have the opportunity to pursue my lifelong passion -- loving and caring for animals.

If you could do it again, what would you do differently?

I would not have waited so long to start my business. I absolutely love the pets that I care for as well as their owners and find my work more fulfilling than what I dreamed possible.

What's the best business advice your parents gave?

To always be fair, honest and have integrity in all you do in life.

What personality trait helps you the most? Without question, it is my unconditional love and understanding of animals. I sincerely give my heart and soul to them in every way possible, as often as possible.

What is the hardest part of the job?

Saying good bye to the animals when I have to go home.

The easiest?

Loving and caring for the animals -- it's that simple. They're the absolute best and I adore them all!!

What is your least expensive product or service?

 A one-time daily walking, $18, or a pet-feeding at $3 each. I offer exceptionally competitive pricing on all of the services that I provide to my customers along with discounts. My clients often comment that they are thrilled with the prices they are charged for the high level of service that I provide them and that my prices are below those of other pet sitting services offered elsewhere. I provide great service for a great price -- it works beautifully for my animal friends, their owners and myself.

The most expensive?

Overnight vacation visits and holidays as they are generally for longer

periods of time with multiple feedings, play time, etc. Oftentimes, I have also provided additional services to my clients by attending to their home needs while they are away vacationing as well (mail, plants, lights, garbage, etc) to ensure that their animals are provided continuous familiar care from one person. This eases the animals anxiety while their owners are away and provides them with the highest level of quality care possible -- my ultimate goal.

Describe your worst customer or experience.

A customer who does not have the time to love their animals, A neglected and love-starved animal is heartbreaking to witness. I do my best to compensate wherever and whenever possible to give these animals the love they deserve.

When you leave the business, what will you do?

I will never leave my business. I will only expand my business with time. I value and nurture the relationships that I build with the animals that I care for as well as their owners. These relationships will likely last a lifetime. In the future, I plan to incorporate a pet day-care service for animals 30 pounds or less and then ultimately own-operate-manage an animal no-kill shelter. Caring for animals is my life's calling.

In one sentence, tell us why customers should call you.

I provide the most loving, caring, professional pet sitting service in the industry --- without exception!