Scheduling & Cancellations: Scheduling is on a first come, first service basis. Please call for reservations, cancellations, date changes, extensions of care.

Same Day Cancellations (Daily Dog Walking): We understand that you may decide to stay home from work for a variety of reasons. Please call before 9am for same-day cancellations. Any calls after 9am will be invoiced at half of the regular bill rate, as this time was reserved for your visit.

Early Returns (Vacation): If you return home early, please call immediately. Any visits that were booked and no longer needed will be invoiced at half of the regular bill rate, as this time was reserved for your visit. If, however, you do not notify us of an early return and we make a trip and find you home, the regular per visit charge applies.

Payment for daily dog walking: Checks or cash are recommended to be left for your Pet provider to collect at the end of each week.

Payment for vacation: Is collected in full, prior to your departure. Please remember to leave payment to avoid any late fees

Late Fees: Unpaid balances are due 10 (ten) days from receipt of invoice and will accrue a $15 late payment fee every 30 days.

Return Check Charges: There is a $35.00 fee for any returned checks, for any reason.

Confirmation Calls (Vacation): We will make a confirmation call or e-mail before your departure in order to verify that all information. Since phone messages or e-mails are not 100% reliable, please make sure we speak personally or e-mail is acknowledged by us before leaving for vacation.

Holiday Cancellations: Please understand that in-home pet care receive more requests for reservations than they can handle during holiday time. We may have turned away other clients because we have reserved time for you during a busy season. If you cancel five days or less before any holiday, you will be charged for half of the visits.

I’m Home Call (Vacation): Please remember to call when you have returned home safely! Otherwise, we will need to continue visiting to assure the safety and well-being of your pets. Additional trips will be added to your bill at the regular rate. Please call immediately ANY time to leave a voice message that you have returned.