Standard Dog Sitting and or Walking (1–2 Dogs 15 to 20 mins)                         $25.00

Each additional dog                                                                                                       $ 5.00

Standard Cat Sitting Visit (1 – 2 Cats 15 to 20 mins includes feeding)              $23.00

Each additional cat                                                                                                         $ 3.00

Puppy Potty Break (1 Dog 15 mins)                                                                             $25.00

Each additional dog                                                                                                        $ 5.00

Pet feeding per visit each additional                                                                          $ 5.00

Extended Pet Sitting Visit (45 Minutes) additional                                                 $15.00

Extended visit: Two hours spent with your pet(s)                                                   $30.00

Visit during Holidays Additional Per Visit                                                                  $15.00

Visit during Weekends additional Per Visit                                                               $ 5.00

Overnight Services (1 – 2 pets)   Not Available At This Time                                $90.00

Each additional Pet (overnight)  Not Available At This Time                                $ 5.00

Additional Fee for Overnight Services on a Holiday                                              $25.00

Litter Box Changing                                                                                                        $ 6.00

1 X Contract Signing Fee Non refundable                                                                 $25.00

1 X Key registration Fee Non Refundable (requires 2 sets of house keys)          $10.00

Aditional Services and Rates

--Medication (oral) only administered: Add $5 per visit.
--Included with all visits is mail and newspaper pick up, and watering of indoor plants .
--Outdoor watering plants. $5 extra per day that the service is requested.
--Small animals: If we are already visiting for other pets then add $3 a day. If not, each visit is $20.00

Additional Fee Holidays are:

New Years Eve, New Years Day, Christmas Day , Christmas Eve, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving.

If a Holiday falls on a Friday or Monday the entire weekend will be billed as a Holiday fees. The Friday after Thanksgiving is included.

LIMITED SERVICE FOR HOLIDAYS Don’t wait for the last minute!


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