Testimonials page 6 2017 to present

Sharon               April 11 2019

 Care Paws  I really appreciate everything you and Rosie have done for all of us - especially for being so diligent about giving me thorough reports on Tiff and treating her with kid gloves, sound advice based on your own experiences, helping me navigate some difficult situations with the vet and getting me in touch with the right people to get the answers I needed for her. I can't tell you how grateful we all are, it definitely helped her to enjoy a very high quality of life right up until the very end xoxo

Saturday, November 4, 2017 4:40 PM From: "Emma Lou"
To: "Care 4 Paws LLC" <care4pawsllc@yahoo.com>

Hi Rani, I tried to call you twice today, so I decided to write to tell you I had to put Chris down this morning. Basically, I am a total mess! I want to thank you for the love and care you gave to him in my absence the past several years. Once I pull myself together I will give you a call. I have been on hiatus from work. At that point I will finish your art glass piece. I am gifting this piece to you to show my appreciation for the love you have of animals. The colors of the rainbow are in the piece and it reminds me of "the rainbow bridge" where pets go while waiting to be reunited with their owners. I just feel it is the perfect art piece for you, as you are so kind to everyone's furry companion. Thanks again for your love of Chris. I will be in touch. Emma Lou

Amy N April 22 2017
Thank you so much for taking care of Chloe! You are the best. It enables me to still go to things for my daughters in college. Amy


Lauri F     May 16 2019 
Thank you for loving my pups and always taking care of them and always being there when we need you!  

July 2019

Dear Rani,  Words can’t express how grateful I am for everything you did for both me and Tiffany, especially over the past year.   For asking the right questions and for helping me navigate tough situations with the vet in order to get Tiffany the proper care and treatment and for both listening and sharing some of your own experiences, for treating Tiffany with kit gloves when she needed some extra help in her golden years.

 I appreciate your support and kind words more than you could ever know.  I know you understand all too well the heartbreak and grief associated with losing a pet.  Despite all of the tears, I would do it all again in a heartbeat.   I think about all of the boundless unconditional love, indescribable joy, happiness and loyal companionship that she blessed me with.  You knew her for a long time, so I am sure that you miss her too.  She was a little dog with a lot of personality.   Thank you again for everything since we moved to Whippany – I can’t believe it’s going on 10 years now!   I can’t wait for our new Bichon Frise puppy to be welcomed home at the end of this year!

 Will definitely keep you posted on timing so that you can come me her!

Love  Sharon, Marc and Champ.

Card from Diane G  Nov 2019

Thank you so very much for loving both Darby and Coco and taking such good care of them. You took a lot of pressure off of me, and for that I am truly grateful. Your compassion and kindness made such a difference when I had to go to work and leave them. Thank you again for years of Faithfulness.

Love Diane G.


Lauri F     July 13, 2022

I have known Rani for many years and she has watched my dogs over the years and stayed at my home while we have taken vacations over the years.  She will take great care of pets and treat them like they are her own  Thank you for always being there when we need you!  

Heidi N     July 13, 2022

Rani and the fantastic services she provides. I have been using Rani for 10 years and she has met or exceeded all of my needs. I have 2 cats and she cares for them with love, affection, compassion and always looks out for their well being. Additionally, it is very reassuring to have Rani checking on the house, bringing in mail and keeping an eye on things...I highly recommend her.