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April 27, 2008

Dear Rani:

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for the exceptional Pet sitting service that you consistently provide us with our dog Rikki. We are absolutely thrilled to have found a qualified, trustworthy & warm caregiver, such as yourself, who continually provides our pet with an unparalleled level of care & attention while we’re away. You’re loving, gentle & nurturing spirit is appreciated by us all & affords us the luxury to go about our daily business or vacationing with the utmost assurance & knowing that Rikki is in the best of care dreamed possible. A truly answered prayer!!   We heartily recommend your pet sitting service Care 4 Paws LLC to all who need to entrust their pet to the very best – you!!

With appreciation,

Chris F. & Rikki

Lauri Dockx

Sent: Wed 4/23/08 10:50 AM

To: L Portalise (raniljp@hotmail.com)


I am sending this letter on behalf of Rani, our dog sitter. Rani has been walking our Bichon Cody, and visiting our Yorkee Phoebe, and Maltese, Pebbles for the last couple of months.  There were many changes for our dogs during this time with moving and our dog sitting company having employee turnover. We feel very fortunate to find someone like Rani who truly cares for our dogs. As most, our 3 dogs are our family and anyone coming into contact with them knows that. After having Rani interact with our dogs, I could see she is a true dog lover, having Yorkees of her own. I have complete trust in her and feel at ease leaving for work and knowing the dogs will be taken care of.  I work on the road and travel long distances and if I need another walk last minute, Rani has pulled through. She also added a second walk on a holiday last minute to help out with our changed holiday plans. Rani is responsible and caring, our two little ones who do not normally enjoy the outside were (trained on wee-wee pads) have now learned to venture into the backyard and lay in the sun and Rani has taken that extra time to spend with them on each visit. And don’t forget the biscuits…. she never leaves without giving the treats to each puppy.

Lastly, I would just like to add that Rani is a breath of fresh air and having one less thing to worry about knowing my family of dogs are being taken care of and my home is safe… what more can you ask for.

So, if anyone is looking for a qualified, responsible dog sitter who you can trust, we highly recommend her.

Good Luck to all-

Mr and Mrs Carmine Fusco

East Hanover, NJ

May 2008

To pet lovers abroad

In the five years since I became friends with Rani (Lorraine) I have seen first hand the acts of love and dedication for animals that she demonstrates. She is compassionate and caring very often feeling the joy and pain that her pets and all animals feel. Rani has a keen awareness of their needs, acting quickly if she senses that her pet (s) are in any distress. She has and always will put the well being of her pets above her own.  Rani has taken a course to be certified by the Red Cross First Aide for dogs and cats to be sure she can attend to any medical emergencies that may come up.  Rani is an extremely trusting person and I would put the care of any animal in her hands. Dogs that Rani comes in contact with sense this and immediately are comfortable. They trust her to give them the love, attention and care they need.

Sincerely  Margie M J

June 6, 2008

To: Rani at Care 4 Paws LLC:

I would like to thank you and let your clients and people know that they get so much more then what they pay for.  You are professional, courteous, organized, and prompt. You are dependable, dedicated, and well trained. You are very knowledgeable and thoughtful.  You have always been accessible even at the last minute (on more then one occasion and returns calls. Most of the pet sitters I've seen can't begin to even offer half of qualities. You are more like family then a pet sitter.

Sincerely,  Barbara P

August 18, 2008

From: suestlaurent

To: care4pawsllc@yahoo.com

Dear Rani,

We greatly appreciate your concerned, reliable care of our children, uh, pets, while we are unable to be home with them. It is reassuring to know that we can count on you to look after them as we, ourselves, would. We value your willingness to do whatever it takes to keep them from feeling lonely and to provide excellent care. The extra special feature that you even care for our plants is the icing on the cake. Thank you so much for being there for us. You are such a sweetheart.. I can't believe that as soon as I found the perfect pet sitter I have to move.

Good luck to you and I hope your business continues to be successful. If you ever want to give my name for a reference, please feel free to do so.


The St. Laurent family

Feel free to verify recommendation by asking

Thursday, September 11, 2008 6:03 PM

To: care4pawsllc@yahoo.com

Thanks Rani... thank you for your help...it is so wonderful for us to be able to do things last minute and not have to worry about Moe...I know that you take excellent care of him!!!